Blue Bear Chemicals supplies 100% biobased Glycidol.  

Glycidol supplied by Blue Bear Chemicals is a 100% biobased product which is produced via a new sustainable process route. This route will, because of improved efficiency and availability, in the end lead to replacement of current fossil derived molecules.

Because of the versatility of the molecule, the number of applications is endless.  Please feel free to enquire.

Glycidyl Methacrylate (GMA)

Blue Bear Chemicals offers two grades of GMA: A partly biobased (available early 2021) and a regular version.  

This biobased GMA is produced via a new process route, not using epichlorohydrin but the 100% sustainable Glycidol. Result is a 100% absence of Chlorine/Epichlorohydrin in the product.

The regular version is a high purity product with traces of ECH. 

Biobased 1,4 Butanediol

It is an important commodity chemical used to manufacture over 2.5 million tons of valuable polymers annually. Currently its production is entirely through petrochemistry.